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Warming winter cocktails at Berlin’s Lutèce Bar

As the temperature creeps slowly down to sub zero and the sun makes increasingly sparse appearances, the task of leaving the house becomes a lot more difficult. Luckily winter has a few redeeming qualities, namely Christmas and warming winter beverages that go way beyond glühwein so this week I visited Berlin’s Lutèce Bar to discover their take on special seasonal drinks.

Head bartender Nico Wieduwilt putting the finishing touches to one of his creations.


Head bartender Nico wastes no time in proudly introducing the new winter drinks list, a range of hot and cold beverages created by Lutèce’s very own mixology team. There is an extensive list of both sweet and fruitier offerings and I’m unsure of where to start, Nico recommends a Grand Noël, the “French version of glühwein”.


The Grand Noël in all its festive glory

Consisting of orange liqueur Grand Marnier, hot apple juice and topped with whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a star anise, the Grand Noël looks just as amazing as it tastes. The apple juice warms the tastebuds and brings a deliciously sweet element, the cream a delicious indulgence with festive cinnamon undertones – Christmas in a cup.


A less sweet recommendation from Nico is the Hirsch Heinrich, a mixture of French liqueur Chambord, cranberry juice, ginger beer and Jägermeister, garnished with lime. Refreshing yet warming with herbal undertones,  Nico notes that this is a more popular male choice at the bar, though I enjoyed it all the same.

The Hirsch Heinrich winter cocktail - deliciously fruity

L-R: The off menu special Snow White, the creamy and indulgent Grand Noël & the fruitier Hirsch Heinrich

Despite the extensive cocktail menu available Nico and his team are also able to tailor drinks to individual tastes. Based on my own preferences I also sample a Snow White – a creamy, vodka based cocktail not on the menu. Although a very simple drink to make with vodka, cream, cinnamon and Orgeat the result is impressive with a smooth, delicate taste of almonds.

Lutèce Bar will be open throughout the long, cold winter until late every evening and is situated five minutes away from one of City West’s favourite Christmas Markets next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Our advice: keep the cold at bay and enjoy your winter shopping in one festive outing.

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