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Walk the Kiez – Savignyplatz

Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg images

The sound of my heels suddenly change as I briskly walk down the smooth concrete sidewalks of Kantstrasse and reach the cobblestone lined square of Savignyplatz. I know I am still in West Berlin and it’s 2012 but the mood and appearance of Savignyplatz is one of a lost and forgotten era. Charming and green, refreshing and warm, the center of the Savignyplatz quarter is reminiscent of a Parisian park complete with colorful flowers, vine covered structures and benches to watch the world go by.

Savignyplatz was designed  in 1861 by Prussian city planner James Hobrect and named after renowed legal scholar Fredrich Carl Savigny. The square intersects the busy highstreet of Kanstrasse and serves as the starting point for some of Charlottenburg’s longest avenues. It is also the location for S-bahn Savignyplatz one stop away from the main station of city-west, Zoologischer Garten. Prominent features of the area include the occasional commemorative plagues dedicated to notable residents like famous painter Georg Grosz at Savignyplatz 5 and the bronze sculpture “Knabe mit Ziege  by August Kraus”.

Savignyplatz S-bahn station street art and statues

Savignyplatz  is more than a just pretty face. The quarter is perfect for shopping and socializing with dozens of the best restaurants, bars, and galleries in Berlin. The arch passageways under the railroad tracks double as home to Berlin’s iconic bookstore,  Bucherboden. Literally translated to “book arch”, Bucherboden offers the best selection of art, photography, film and architecture books in the entire city. If you are on the hunt for furnishings, window shop for your favorite modern Scandinavian designer or rare antiques. If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of lush Italian leather pumps, you will find plenty to choose from on the intersecting streets of the charming quarter. The shopping at Savignyplatz varies in selection and price, there is something here for almost everyone.

Savignyplatz mural and shopping Gallery Schrill

Cocktail bars like Heftner and restaurants like Paris Bar are Charlottenburg institutions. On any given evening you could very well bump into a world famous artist or actor. Whether you prefer a quiet intimate meal or witnessing a jam session at a jazz club, the hip and trendy side of Savignyplatz will not disappoint.

Next time in Berlin City West dedicate a day or two to exploring all that Savignyplatz has to offer, I hope you will enjoy it half as much as I do.

Größere Kartenansicht

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