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Walk the Kiez – Fasanenstrasse

There is nothing I like more than playing tourist in my city.  That is the charm of Berlin, no matter how long I live here, there is always somewhere or something new to discover – or in the case of Fasanenstrasse, rediscover.  Located off the Kurfürstendamm, Fasanenstrasse stretches over two kilometers, extending from Tiergarten all the way to edge of Wilmersdorf. Fasanenstrasse intersects with some of the most prominent streets in the west side of town,  from the Hohenzollendamm to Kantstrasse.

Fasanenstrasse (literally translated to pheasant street ) was named in 1901 in memory of Friedrich the II, and his menagerie of pheasants, which he held near Tiergarten. Contemporary Fasanenstrasse is now a menagerie of galleries, boutiques, theatres and antique shops overflowing with acclaimed landmarks as well as hidden gems.

One could easily plan an outing solely down and around the Fasanenstrasse as it explodes with a host of leisure and cultural tid bits.  What is particularly delightful is how various parts of this street encapsulate the very character of the districts they intersect,  offering a microcosm of west Berlin from the high-end culture to small dainty hidden courtyards and secret garden enclaves.

On the stretch between the Kantstrasse and Kurfürstendamm, you can find well-known institutions such as the Literatur Haus, Kathe Kollwitz Museum as well as a plethora of small art dealers and galleries.  I prefer the quieter and more residential block starting at Fasanenplatz and brushing the edge of Wilmersdorf. Here are more quiet cafe’s and quaint boutiques, antique and furniture restoration shops.

Meandering down the street the lovely temperate  gracing Berlin that day, soaked the city in warm hue,  embellishing an already utterly charming neighbourhood.  I can literally spend hours on a warm sunny day, seated on a bench on Fasanenplatz, watching people walk by whilst sipping on a coffee, as elderly couples, young families and love birds drift along getting on with their day-to-day routines. On this particular day, it was enchanting to watch a local resident restoring an old antique table out on the pavement, whilst soaking in the sun rays.

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