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What would I have done without my phone?


It was a beautiful afternoon in London. I was just done with my workout and I was about to go home. I was very tired that afternoon. The day before I was up till late writing an article for my next assignment.

When I got in the car I put my bag on the seat next to me and started to drive home where my husband would also be. He had to go to work late in the afternoon on that day.

 When I arrived at the front garden, I knocked on the door and my husband let me in. I immediately took a quick shower and went to the kitchen. I prepared a delicious salad with some orange juice for the both of us. My husband left for work afterwards and I went upstairs to take a little nap.

 When I woke up after half an hour, I went downstairs and got myself a glass of water. When 10 minutes passed, I warmed up the soup I made last night. My husband would only get back late in the evening so there was no use of warming up the whole cooking pot. I put some of it in the microwave and put the salad that I made earlier on the table.

 While eating my dinner, I suddenly remembered that I had left my training bag in the garden. I had to put the clothes in the washing machine. After quickly finishing my meal, I walked towards the back door. When I tried to open the door, I failed. It was on lock. So I went to get the keys from the key bowl, but they weren’t in there. A lot of possible places where I could have put them sprang to mind. They were maybe on the worktop in the kitchen. I looked in there. They weren’t on the worktop. Then I searched for the keys in my coat pocket. Also not there. ‘’But, of course, they were in the car ‘’, I thought to myself. The car my husband took off with.

 I got a bit worried. If my husband took the car, that means I cannot get out of the house by myself. My husband took his house keys as well. Plus, both exterior doors were closed. I had checked earlier if the front door was on lock or not. The windows in the kitchen and living room didn’t open wide enough so that I could get myself out of the house. I can’t get out of the house through the windows upstairs. The windows were too high and with a fall from that height I would probably kill myself. So let’s not do that.

 So being locked up in the house, I started to call my husband. He didn’t pick up the phone. He told me earlier that day that he had an important meeting and that he would be busy the whole day. He was the only one who had my keys in his possession. I could not wait till my husband was done with work because I had to go to an important parent-teacher conference of our daughter.

So calling a locksmith was the first solution that came knocking on my mind’s door. I started to look online on my phone for a professional locksmith in London. When I finally found one, I called the locksmith company.

The locksmith arrived in 25 minutes, which I was very satisfied with. After his arrival, the locksmith was done with opening the front door in 15 minutes. I still had enough time to go to the conference. My daughter would also be there, waiting for me. The plan was that we would meet at school.

I  thanked the locksmith for his service and paid him afterwards. He left off and I went to my daughter’s school by bus. Our front door locks by itself when you close it. Before I left I closed the front door, because my husband would at least be able to pick us up from the parents’ meeting. Next time I will remember to never leave my keys in the car.

Thank you for reading))