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The Sculptures of Dietrich Klinge.

It’s hard to walk around the Hotel Concorde without noticing all the larger than life sculptures. Hans Grothe, father of the property owner and a famous collector of contemporary art in his own right, acquired the pieces, choosing sculptures by the German artist Dietrich Klinge.

His best creations can be found on the ground floor of the hotel. The first bold creation appears in the main lobby – made of roughly carved wood, an abstract figure is portrayed in a casual sitting position, leaning back with his arms stretched lazily behind his head. A second stand-out piece is located by the elevators. Two smaller busts are positioned in other parts of the hotel.

Dietrich Klinge is a sculptor and graphic artist who lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. He has work featured in galleries across Germany including the Orangerie-Reinz Gallery in Cologne, the Gallery of Braunbehrens in Munich and the Brusberg Gallery in Berlin. He also has pieces in other galleries all over Europe like the Musei Maremma in Italy and the Jardins du Manoir d’Eyrignac in France.

The Hotel Concorde is especially proud to feature these original works by Dietrich. His work radiates warmth, life and intensity, fitting seamlessly into the overall artistic design and theme of the hotel.




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