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My Secret Life: Exhibition at C/O Berlin

Waiting for its new home at City West venue Amerika Haus to be completed, photography institute CO Berlin is still busy. The beloved enterprise is now holding exhibitions outside its future venue, their current show focusing on the 13 winners of their international photo contest, ‘My Secret Life’.

My Secret Life - CO Berlin's current exhibition at Amerika Haus Image: Marie J Burrows

Nestled under some trees and illuminated by floor lights, the exhibition’s panels document the hidden lives of others that most are not privy to – exposing the fact that despite our super invasive society there are still things which remain uncovered.

Waiting for its new home at Amerika Haus to open - CO Berlin Image: Marie J Burrows

Even things we are aware of we often have no real idea about, Marlene Sattler’s startling close up shots of surgeons working illustrates this beautifully, other shots depicting a heart on a cutting board and a surgeon pulling on a medical wire, the instruments then left in another shot next to a prone human body, hair just visible.

The lives of others we know nothing about - My Secret Life exhibition Image: Marie J Burrows

Less chill inducing is the series of secret dens in people’s houses made out of quilts and carpets, by Heinrich Holtgreve. Focussing on everyday household environments, Holtgreve depicts a private intimacy through the personal belongings of others.

Part of the series of My Secret Life: Christian Gerhartsreiter Image: Johannes Welte (c)

Other topics tackled in the exhibition are the inevitable lust, with a series on glory holes and also Berlin’s back rooms in clubs, and also love, with a touching series on a love story that runs into old age.

My Secret Life photo contest winner's work. Image: Marie J Burrows

Amerika Haus is only a five minute walk from Hotel Concorde Berlin, and we can’t wait until the grand re-opening in spring 2014. In the meantime you can visit My Secret Life around the clock, every day, until February 2nd 2014, and read our interview with CO’s curator Felix Hoffmann, here.


CO Berlin 

Amerika Haus

Hardenbergstraße 22-24



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