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Kick It Like Concorde And Celebrate EM 2012.

The next best thing to the FIFA World Cup? The European Football Championship which is set to occur between June 8 and July 1.

“Euro 2012″ promises to be a really fun and exciting time where everyone’s most passionate inner sports fanatic will emerge. Europeans take their football very seriously and support their country’s team almost religiously. People across the continent will gather together to watch each and every match until one team stands as the final winner.

Here at the Concorde Hotel, we plan to celebrate in style and invite you to join us at Brasserie Le Faubourg Lounge and Terrace.

Come to our “championship arena” to watch the games on our big screen TV’s  - there will even be a 60 inch screen set-up outside on the terrace! All matches will be aired and an excellent view is guaranteed from all seats.

While watching the games, you can enjoy food from our special football themed menu featuring hamburgers, currywurst with french fries and club sandwiches. (View the complete menu.)

We’re not sure about you, but we really like the idea of sitting back with friends, chowing down on a tasty burger, glass of beer in hand all the while cheering on our favorite team, which obviously is Germany!

Euro 2012

Perhaps we’re wrong. Maybe Italy or Spain will be the next champion! Would you care to take a guess? Are you a betting type?

If yes, join our betting community over at http://www.kicktipp.de/hotelconcordefans/.

Your ability to correctly predict a winner could score you some pretty nice prizes, as the hotel plans to give away something for each and every match.

Up for grabs are limited edition bottles of champagne, dinner at Brasserie Le Faubourg and even a weekend staying in one of our Concorde suites. As if that wasn’t enough, the grand prize is a romantic weekend away to Geneva staying at the Hotel de la Paix including the use of a convertible car and a fully stocked picnic basket!

You can take part by yourself or as part of a team. Sign-up is free but spacing is limited so be sure to sign up as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the hotel and may the best team win!

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