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Getting To Know Our Kiez – Chapeaux Hutmode Berlin.

Have you been on a quest for the absolute perfect hat? One that suits you, reflects your personality and tastes. A hat that makes you stand out or even a hat that makes you blend in. Something for a special occasion or maybe every day use.

Then Chapeaux Hutmode is the place for you! Run by talented artist and designer Andrea Curti, you can set-up an appointment with her or one of her staff to have a hat customized and designed based on your specifications.

Andrea has been in business since 1994, sharing a small space with two other designers. Later in 1999, she set-up her own shop in their current location on Bleibtreustraße.

Chapeaux Hutmode Berlin

I asked Andrea just who comes to her to have hats made. She laughed and said “Everyone!”  She described her clientele as men, women, young, old. Everyday people and even celebrities, theatre groups and film makers. It’s not only locals who patron the shop, Chapeaux Hutmode attracts clients from around the world.

Chapeaux Hutmode Berlin

She designs each and every hat herself in the workshop set-up in the store. She really enjoys personally meeting with her clients, getting to know them and asking the right questions to figure out what type of hat will suit them. She incorporates their feedback into her own creative process, designing what she hopes will be the perfect hat.

You’ll also find various other accessories around the shop such as purses, bracelets and gloves. She does not design these herself but picks up things on her travels that she feels will compliment the overall spirit of her store. A leather clutch from Paris, why not?

Chapeaux Hutmode Berlin

I asked Andrea to tell me about one of her favorite pieces. She smiled and pulled out a hat that she designed for an older, eccentric lady. Here is the lovely designer wearing a very feathery and birdlike creation!

Chapeaux Hutmode Berlin

Even if you don’t plan to buy a hat, Chapeaux Hutmode Berlin is worth a visit. You can browse through her collection of hats and other accessories and maybe even meet her in person.

We’re also pleased to announce, that we can offer a special promotion. Mention “Hôtel Concorde Berlin” to receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

Chapeaux Hutmode Berlin
Bleibtreustraße 51, 10623, Berlin.
(030) 312 09 13

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