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Fresh and French Editorial Week 23

Hotel Concorde Berlin

We hope you had a fantastic weekend, whatever you got up to! This week we’ll be bringing you the following “Fresh & French” topics to keep you entertained:


– I recently decided to pay a visit to Jan Kleihues, the award-winning architect responsible for the Hotel Concorde Berlin’s unique look and feel – both inside and out. Read part one of my visit to the Kleihues + Kleihues office in Charlottenburg, located inside a beautifully renovated former rubbish transfer station, to find out more about how the hotel came to be, as well as what other projects they are responsible for.

Wine and Taste

– The days are growing shorter, the weather colder and the famously long Berlin-winter seems to have arrived already – there’s nothing for it but to bring out the tea and nibbles! But teatime isn’t just a British tradition – a visit to the Hotel Concorde Berlin will prove, once and for all, that the French teatime can hold its own against scones and cucumber sandwiches. Expect macaroons and impressive tea expertise!


– All this talk of architecture and design may have put you in the mood for a little home improvement of your own. The Stilwerk, located just around the corner from the hotel, is a haven for anybody who appreciates great design. The building itself is stylish and the objects are so well presented that, whether you are looking to buy or not, it is worth paying a visit to Stilwerk, a design shopping centre cum gallery.

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