Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Awards) 2012


One of the cars that took guest to the Friedrichstadt Palast from Hotel Concorde Berlin

The red carpet has been rolled away but Berlin is still buzzing from the excitement surrounding the Deutscher Filmpreis of 2012.

The Hotel Concorde Berlin hosted some of the best and brightest of the German film industry as the official partner hotel of the Deutscher Filmpreis. My award night started off with a celebratory glass of champagne with Carston Calmorgen, the General Manager and Polina Sorokin, the Communication Manager during the pre-award show cocktail party. My mission for the evening was to provide live coverage of the show giving the hotel’s twitter followers behind the scenes access to the red carpet, the award show and the after party.


Karoline Herfurth greets fans from the red carpet

The red carpet leading into Friedrichstadt Palast was electrified as the celebrities rolled in. Fans were parked outside screaming the names of their favorite stars in hopes of getting a wave or an autograph. The paparazzi reminded me of a persistent swarm of locust, camera flashes buzzing, trying to get the perfect shot. The fashion on the red carpet did not go unnoticed, some of my favorites pieces were the green Yves Saint Laurent gown worn by Hannelore Elsner, the adorable bow tie shirt worn by Meret Becker, and Alina Levsin’s stunning yellow dress.( I have yet to see a picture that fully captures the brilliance of the color.)


Hannelore Elsner giving an interview from the Red Carpet at the 2012 Deutscher Filmpreis

The show itself ran the gamut of human emotion: my stomach was in knots as I was watched Christina Drechler shake in her seat as they announced the winner of Best Supporting Actress, the raw emotion exhibited by Milan Peschel during his speech drove me to tears, and few moments were more priceless as the genuine look of surprise on Michael “Bully” Herbig’s face when he won the very first Bernd Eichinger Preis. The top winners of the night were Andreas Dresden, taking home the prize for Best Picture for his drama, Halt auf freier Strecke and Roland Emmerich for his fictionalized Shakespeare drama Anonymous, winning six Lola’s for various technical achievements.


Hostesses from Pan Am Lounge dressed like retro flight attendents

The after award show party was absolutely fabulous. Tons of drink and delicious nibbles were on offer in the three story complex. I spent a large portion of my night in search for champagne, it wasn’t hidden but there were so many people there it was hard to see anything. The sponsors of the Deutscher Filmpreis spoiled celebrities and guest alike, Volkswagen offered up Berlin style Currywurst, Pan Am lounge served their signature cocktails while Miranda Konstantinidou gave privileged guest complimentary jewelry pieces from her latest collection.


Close-up of LOLA Statue at the Deutscher Filmpreis After Party

The highlight of my evening was holding David Wnedt’s Best Screenplay LOLA statue for Kriegerin!!! What an amazing night! Congratulation to all the nominees and winners of the Deutscher Filmpreis. We look forward to welcoming you again next year at the Hotel Concorde Berlin!

Did you watch the show? Did your favorite movies and stars win?




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