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Co[email protected]: The Exclusive Fresh and French Blog Launch Party


The Hotel Concorde Berlin recently celebrated the launch of the Fresh and French blog with an exclusive blogger event called [email protected]. The hotel welcomed some of the most influential food, travel, lifestyle and fashion bloggers in Berlin for an evening of great food, design, and color.

Social media snapshot Concorde Berlin Blogger Event

Online buzz for the event started a few weeks ago when invitees received their hand written invitations. We were determined to host a blogger event bigger and better than anything Berlin had seen in the past. The hand written invitations were just a hint to what treats and surprises were in store for the guest during [email protected].  That night, each guest was picked up by a chauffeured car and driven to the hotel for a champagne reception on the terrace. On arrival the bloggers were anxious to find out what was in store for the rest of the evening.

Colours from the event Colours@Concorde

After a introduction by General Manager Carsten Colmorgen, the mission of the evening began to take shape; exploration and discovery of the multiple facets of the luxury hotel. The bloggers would be ushered through different areas of the Concorde, each having a unique color theme represented by the food and color scheme of each station. Guest would also hear from special speakers including Germany’s renowned architect Jan Kleihues, who designed the hotel and Katrin Kampmann, a featured artist of the Hotel Concorde Berlin.

Concorde Berlin Blogger Event Suckling Pig

Food was the stand-out star of the evening, prepared and presented by Le Faubourg’s head chef, Steffen Sinzinger. Everyone kept raving about the menu as each station was more impressive than the previous one. Personal highlights for me included oysters and champagne on the “black” terrace, a cream of spinach soup with Parmesan foam in the busy kitchen, and saddle & confit from suckling pig in the “green” St Germain. The delicious menu for the evening was a sample of the current Collection Culinare, a monthly changing menu offered at Le Faubourg. We were also treated to sweets in the suites, a pretty chocolate covered macaron in the “red” suite and woodruff and ice cream in the “white” suite.

Concorde Berlin Blogger event Piano Suite

The evening ended in the piano suite, where a DJ played electronic tunes, reminiscent of a Berlin lounge. It was the perfect end to an extraordinary celebration for our brand new blog.

Be sure to check Twitter, Instagram and EyeEm for impressions from the evening and search for the hashtag #ConcordeColours.

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Ashley from Chasing Heartbeats – Concorde Colours at Hotel Concorde

*Photo Credit: Jarek Raczek



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