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Brasserie Le Faubourg – Collection Culinaire #7

Just this past week, my friend and I visited Brasserie Le Faubourg to sample their July Collection Culinaire, a five course tasting menu refreshed each month by resident Chef Steffen Sinzinger.

Brasserie Le Faubourg – Collection Culinaire July.

Deciding to make the most of the summer weather, we had dinner out on the terrace. Once seated, our waiter asked us whether or not we’d like an aperitivo. I nodded an enthusiastic yes, as I couldn’t resist yet another opportunity to order a glass of the Moët Ice Champagne.

We then took a look at the July menu. We chose to have the five course tasting menu in order to sample the entire Collection Culinaire but for those with smaller appetites, there is a three course tasting menu option as well.

The first course was baked lango & scallop with cucumber, cous cous and tomato juice paired with a 2008 Alain Guyard chardonnay. The portion size was just right, neither too big or too small. It was a light, refreshing dish that paired well with the wine which was slightly dry and not too sweet.

Brasserie Le Faubourg – Collection Culinaire July.

Before we knew it, we were on to the second course. This course was a bold combination of goose liver crème brûlée with marinated beetroot and summer berries, accompanied by a 2010 Gisselbrecht pinot blanc.

While liver isn’t always a popular choice, this dish is exceptional. It was delicious and I found myself wanting more.  I may have actually asked for a second portion if three more courses weren’t on the way.

Next came the third course, the veal pot au feu with potato, chanterelle and wild herbs served with a lovely 2010 Château Tourmentine, cabernet sauvignon.

Brasserie Le Faubourg – Collection Culinaire July.

The veal was exquisite, cooked and seasoned to perfection. The infusion of fresh vegetables topped the experience and one of my  favorite dish of the entire collection.

Moving along to the fourth (and much lighter) course, we choose some cheeses from the available selection which was affinated by “hennart”,  wild peach,  sauternes jelly and lime bread. The course was complimented with a serving of cold cider.

All of the cheeses at Brasserie Le Faubourg are imported directly from France and sourced from local farmers. Popular cheeses include the morbier, a semi hard cheese that almost “melts in your mouth” and hanon, a goat cheese wrapped and stored in oak leaves. I highly recommend trying both.

The jams are all homemade and made at the hotel. Some available flavours include peach, plum and even pear with rosemary.

Finally we came to the best part of the evening, dessert!

This heavenly creation consisted of braised apricot & ice cream, chocolate and caramel cream. Served with a sweet wine, a 2009 Tariquet gros manseng, we found ourselves not wanting the meal to end. Our favorite part was the peach flavored ice cream.

Brasserie Le Faubourg – Collection Culinaire July.

What do you think? Would you like to try this tasting menu as well? Head over to Brasserie Le Faubourg before the end of the month.

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