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A Market Visit With Chef Steffen Sinzinger.


At the special invitation of our supplier, head chef Steffen Sinzinger visited FrischeParadies to view first hand the various types of fresh ingredients used for the dishes on the menu at Brasserie Le Faubourg. Excited to find out more about the market itself and our chef’s approach to locally sourced produce, I tagged along with him on the trip.

The Hotel Concorde gets most of their food from this upscale shop in Prenzlauer Berg. Considered Germany’s largest specialty market, FrischeParadies stocks more than 5000 items from more then 70 countries worldwide. Selling everything from fish, meat, fruit, cheese, wine, bread and more, the moment we entered the building I knew that we were in a foodie paradise.

The atmopshere at FrischeParadies is warm and welcoming. Although they cater to corporate clients such as hotels like ours, the market is also open to gourmet enthusiasts who desire a refined and high-end grocery shopping experience.

Should you make a visit to this store, my advice is to come with an empty stomach as there’s a cute little bistro where you can stop and sample some of their delicious treats.

After learning more about FrischeParadies’ strict philosophy concerning the freshness and quality of their food, it was easy to see why Steffen chose them as the hotel’s preferred supplier. You can be rest assured that Steffen is a perfectionist when it comes to his craft and will settle for nothing less than the best when selecting ingredients for the dishes he’ll serve to guests.

FrischeParadies even supplies food to renowned Berlin restaurants Tim Raue and Restaurant 44!

What really impressed me is that like the Hotel Concorde with their Green Globe Certification, FrischeParadies also places a focus on sustainability and strives to further protect the environment. They’ve taken steps to reduce their impact on the climate, encourage the reduction of waste and minimize their water usage overall.

We highly encourage a visit to their store in Prenzlauer Berg or one of their other locations. Check their web site for further information.

Hermann-Blankenstein-Straße 48 10249 Berlin
030 390815 0

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