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A Glimpse Of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

As the Hotel Concorde Berlin is one of the official partners of Berlin Fashion Week which took place between July 3 – 8, I was lucky enough to be able to attend some of the shows and events that happened throughout the week.

First off, I headed to PREMIUM, an international fashion trade show where up-and-coming and as well as established designers feature their best work whether it be clothing, shoes, accessories etc.

One of my favorite exhibitors was Buddhist Punk, an edgy British based label that designs rocker styled attire, primarily t-shirts that reference tributes to various bands such as a U2 t-shirt emblazoned with the line “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

I absolutely adored seeing some of the jewellery by a German based designer, Gabriele Frantzen. So renowned for her work, which evokes vintage glamour with a modern twist, she was asked to dress some celebrities for the Oscars, Hollywood’s biggest event of the year. Gabriele was very sweet and even gifted me with a small ring!

Gabriele Frantzen

I continued checking out more designers at PREMIUM for a couple hours and was soon on my way to the very heart of it all, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week HQ where many of the most important showcases and runway shows are held.

As I was waiting in line to pick up my ticket, a tourist who has stumbled upon all the action rather cutely asked me “Can normal people get into one of these shows?”

Once inside, I walked around observing everything with a big smile on my face. There were beautiful people everywhere! Models, aspiring models, celebrities, members of the press, fashion bloggers and designers mixed and mingled between shows such as the Designers for Tomorrow one organized by Peek and Cloppenburg.

To keep you busy while waiting, you could drink a cocktail and even get your make-up and nails done. You could even grab some retro candy from women dressed up like Pan AM flight attendants.

Berlin Fashion Week

Finally, I was able to check out the SOPOPULAR menswear collection. Modern, casual and simple, I really loved the look.

Later on in the week, I attended my very first ever runway show for German based fashion designer, Anja Gockel.

When the show began with rooster’s call, a “cock-a-doodle-do”, I thought we might see a rural living inspired collection heavy on denim and checkered shirts. Her collection was stunning, quite colorful and infused with floral touches. Fresh, flirty and fun, her clothes can be worn by anyone be it a dress, pant suit or skirt and blouse.

Overall., Berlin Fashion Week as an amazing experience. I find myself counting down the days it descends upon Berlin once more over the winter!

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