Old and New Photographic Masters at the Helmut Newton Foundation Museum for Photography

The world-renowned German photographer Helmut Newton has his own namesake foundation and museum in Charlottenburg. Set in a former casino for Prussian officers, the Neoclassical building was built in 1909 across the street from the Zoologischer Garten subway station.
The lower level is home to Newton’s private property exhibition, which includes his camera, famous outfits and a mockup of his former office alongside high heels from photo shoots and a video of shooting with Sigourney Weaver. His wife Jane Newton (who worked as a photographer under the alias Alice Springs) showcases some of her work here, as well as photos Helmut took of Jane in a room called “Jane’s Room.” Since opening in 2004, it has become a destination for Newton fans, as his rarely seen work is shown alongside the works of other photographic masters like David LaChapelle, Alice Springs and Simone Mangos.

The current exhibition “Newton, Horvath, Brodziak” The exhibition, which runs until November 15, features the works of Newton’s alongside his colleagues Frank Horvat and Szymon Brodziak (above is Newton’s portrait of Helmut Newton, Charlotte Rampling in Paris, below, Andy Warhol). All three photographers bridge the gap between fashion and portraiture working mainly in black and white. Brodziak showcases 30 large-scale pieces alongside 70 original prints by Helmut Newton, from portraits of David Bowie and Grace Jones. Horvat’s clever and sometimes hilarious works are on show – from the Eiffel Tower in the distance of a high heeled shoe to a llama in a talent agency, 200 of his works are on view. As the curator, Dr. Matthias Harder, explains “From the thousands of photos he has taken over the course of his career, he seleted 300 for this project and organized them into 15 chapters,” he said. ”One might think they were taken by 15 different photographers, as Horvat pointed out. They also show the multifaceted way Horvat thought and regarded the world.”

All photos courtesy of The Helmut Newton Foundation Museum for Photography

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